The League of Extraordinary Educators

The League of Extraordinary Educators is a Birdhouse Learning Labs mailing list, but it is far more than that.

It is an invitation to join in a variety of quests and experiences dedicated to humanizing learning.

We do this by fanning the flames of adventure, agency, compassion, experimentation, mastery, meaning, and wonder. (the BLL7).

Being on this list will inform you about news, events, and products; but it also allows you to receive opportunities to participate in experiments, quests, challenges games, and invitation-online events. 

For full participation in some of these events and experiments, please be sure to provide your email, mailing address, and phone number.

You are welcome to only choose email, but please know that some of the activities include messages, clues, challenges, and treasures that are sent via traditional mail or via phone.
* indicates required

Please confirm which forms of communication you want us to use when reaching out to you. Note that the "traditional mail" is necessary for full participation in some games, quests, other activities, and invitations to special events.

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